Suicide and attempted suicide are the commonest causes of death and injury between the ages of 15 and 44, male or female, in Australia.(ABS)
We are giving the community a safety net to immediately wrap around anyone close to them who mentions suicide, so that person’s safety can become a shared effort involving both the community and professionals.

Someone mentioning suicide is an urgent issue, but usually mental health professionals are not immediately available.
It can be daunting for friends and family to reach out to someone they believe is suicidal, with everyone afraid they will say the wrong thing. ( is a bank of hundreds of medically approved text messages which family and friends can download and send to a suicidal person as texts or WhatsApp messages. Our service provides support every step of the way, covering What to Ask, What to Say, and What to Do

Empowering family and friends to become actively involved by sending frequent, meaningful, and specifically directed texts can prevent suicidal thoughts from becoming suicide attempts.
In effect, the most influential people in the suicidal person’s life become a strong safety net around a suicidal person. These frequent interventions allow time for the thoughts to subside, and offer protection before and in-between visits to professionals. No training is needed.


This is a  24/7 free-to-use and medically approved service that can save lives., IF people know about it.

Please help us raise awareness and share this world-first service.

Dr David Horgan, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Melbourne
FRANZCP, MD(Melb), MRCPsych, DPM, MPhil, FRCPEdin
Founder/Medical Director of The Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation 

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